Cala d’Or, internationally renowned environment, a pioneer among tourist centers. Where you can choose different styles and categories of restaurants, trendy shops, nightlife environments...

Cala Egos, much more calm and relaxed , but with the restaurants and shops at the same level of Cala d' Or.

Porto Petro, attractive seaside village of just four streets, with a picturesque harbour, where yachts coexist with traditional fishing boats, with restaurants offering good service and quality. Porto Petro preserves the style of the traditional Majorca.

Mondragó Natural Park, an area of special interest for their protected botanical and biological characteristics. A wide area for walkers and perfect for the practice of ornithology.


Santanyí, is the ideal city for a stroll and to admire buildings, sculptures and churches built with the famous "stone of Santanyí", the same one that of the Cathedral of Palma with was built of. We recommend visiting the Church of San Andrés, with its splendid organ, as well as the adjoining Roser chapel built in the fourteenth century. In its streets you will find art galleries, pottery shops and crafts. If visiting on a Wednesday or Saturday, you can also enjoy the singular market, in the main square.

Consolació sanctuary, built in the sixteenth century. Located on a small hill, from where you can see a panoramic view of the entire city with incredible sunsets.

Cala Figuera, picturesque fishing port, in the afternoon, with the arrival of the fishing boats, you can see a popular scene of authentic and a long tradition. Cala Figuera has served as a refuge of inspiration for renowned artists.

Throughout the area you can practice many sports: tennis, canoeing , biking, horseback riding , hiking, diving , golf, speedboat , climbing, fishing. Our staff can guide you in choosing the option that best suits your tastes and preferences. We collaborate with the best companies in the area.